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Faqra Information

With an altitude of 1550 m, the Ruins of Faqra are the Ruins of a Phoenician temple and a Roman tower. Located 55 Km from Beirut, Faqra hosts predominantly Roman ruins at an elevation of 1,550 meters. The archaeological site is a collection of temples, columns, layers, and rock cut tombs, along with the ruins of a Phoenician temple to the Goddess Astestre and the tower of the Roman Emperor Claudius.

The Faqra's natural stone bridge is another interesting site to visit, which was carved out of the rock by wind and rain so perfectly that early chroniclers claimed man had a hand in its making. The Bridge, or known as "Jisr el Hajar", or natural bridge, was carved over the centuries by wind and water. The 34-metre bridge is so perfect it is hard to believe it was created by nature.

Faqra Resort

Faqra resort, known as Faqra Club, is one of the world's first private ski clubs, whereby the club is the owner of the land over which the lifts are constructed. Started in 1974, Faqra's snow village is made of nicely designed chalets and beautiful gardens unveiling hundreds of colors in the summer. Facilities in the club are offered by a first class hotel, l'Auberge de Faqra, offering a heated swimming pool, squash, sauna, 3 tennis courts and a fitness club.

In the immediate vicinity of the resort, in Kfarzebian's region, you may visit Faqra's ruins or follow the climbers to the natural stone bridge.

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Lebanese Ministry of Tourism

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