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Lebanon Wine Lebanon Wine Lebanon Wine Lebanon Wine Lebanon Wine
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Lebanon - Legendary Phoenix Bird



Lebanon - The Legendary Phoenix Bird

Bird Phoenix lives a thousand years, comes from the east every fifty or hundred years, to burn among ambergris and perfumes above the temple of secrets in Lebanon, and three days after that, he gets alive again and return back home. 

When he arrives, shivering covers the hills, the prairies, the sea waves, and people are puzzled, being blessed by the moment the bird Phoenix will land on their land. When the ambergris smell disappears, indicating that the secret bird has completed sacrificing itself, people goes back to their houses, without seeing him, since it is forbidden to see the bird Phoenix. 

The one that receives the ashes of the secret bird lives, and whom the ashes touch will awake the thunder, and the one that returns to the existence would have experienced the secret of life and death.

The bird Phoenix is the symbol of love, which rises from death, and is a continuous promise of coming back one day to take us toward him to the heaven of life.

The bird Phoenix is the symbol of the great promise. The one that believes by the promise prior than the promise is done, will be blessed by believing, where believing is love, and whom that touches the ashes of the bird Phoenix can order death to vanish, and vanished the death will be.





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