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Wineries in Lebanon
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Lebanon Wine Lebanon Wine Lebanon Wine Lebanon Wine Lebanon Wine
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Lebanon - How to Choose Wine



Choosing Wine

Many people always have the question: What is the best way to choosing a wine type, what are the criteria's to consider, what are the priorities, what comes first, is the most expensive the better? What are the rules of choosing a wine.

First, your own taste is your first judgment for enjoying wine, celebrating, and have a good accompaniment to your meal. Whether you enjoy red wine with fish or white wine with beef, coddle yourself.

Second, Do not always insist on the most expensive bottle on the shelf, rather compare Quality for Price: Quality of wine is always a factor of price. Finding a comparable wine for less, is finding a better wine.

As per the famous Lebanese saying: "The content of a letter is revealed from its title" or "Al maktoub byin2arat min 3inwanou", the label of a wine bottle, front and back, are a primary indication on the quality of the wine. A poor label, whether with spelling errors, or poor picture, is a bad indication. Not taking the time to professionally design the labels would indicate a lack of time and patience from the part of the producer company to produce a good wine.

Per common sense, a high quality label, good quality paper, good picture, are normally good signs for wine. No such investment would be dedicated to a poor quality wine.

The color of wine is one of the most important indication on its quality. Good wine is always clear, whether white or red, new or old, it must be clear. If the wine looks cloudy, that means it is not good. Always good wine and good storage leads to wine clarity and clearness.



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